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Peta Davies

Pilates Place Founder and Director

Qualifications: Pilates Matwork Diploma, Studio Equipment, Pre and Post Natal Exercise, GP Exercise on Referral, Pilates for Osteoporosis, Emergency First Aid, Small Apparatus: Bands, Balls, Rollers, Rings, Arc Barrel, Stability Ball, Theraballs and Weighted Balls. Teacher trainer and assessor for YMCA Awards Diploma in Matwork Pilates, Pre and Post Natal Exercise, and GP Exercise on Referral.

Special Pilates Interest: I am particularly interested in working with people with challenging physical problems and witnessing the amazing results that working on Pilates equipment can make to improve quality of life.

Other interests: Exploring and expanding my Pilates knowledge. Film, theatre (particularly the RSC), and eating out!

Date joined Pilates Place: Founded in 2004

Dominic Abernethy
Studio and Matwork Pilates Teacher

Pilates Matwork Diploma, Advanced Fitness Instructor, Low Back Pain Management Specialist (L4) Exercise on Referral, small apparatus. Teacher trainer for YMCA Awards Pilates Matwork Diploma

Special Pilates interest: Form and focus of movement, muscle isolation and flow of exercises.

Other interests: Snowboarding, Body-weight training, motorbikes, classical music

Date joined Pilates Place: October 2009

Steve Bartholomew
Studio Pilates Teacher


Special Pilates interest:

Other interests:

Date joined Pilates Place: October 2017

Paula Belcher
Studio and Matwork Pilates Teacher

Qualifications: Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates, small equipment balls and bands, APPI Level 1 Reformer, YMCA Exercise to Music, Emergency First Aid at Work.

Special Pilates Interest: Working with all ages and abilities to improve and develop individual posture, balance and health.

Other interests: Yoga, meditation, nutrition, walking. Paula is an active supporter of Brown Dog cancer charity.

Date joined Pilates Place: January 2018

Emma Boswell

Studio, Matwork, and HIP Pilates Teacher

Qualifications: Pilates Matwork Diploma, small equipment; balls, rollers, rings and bands.

Special Pilates interest: Pilates to manage chronic conditions such as back pain, enhance athletic performance, and reduce the risk of sporting injuries.

Other interests: Walking, running, cycling, working on my allotment, yoga, diet and nutrition.

Date joined Pilates Place: February 2016

Soraya Fatha
Studio Administrator

About me: I am a freelance artist working within sculpture and multi-media installation. However at Pilates Place you’ll get to know me at the other end of the phone in the studio, helping with your enquiries, taking bookings and managing the schedule as well as helping to maintain the studio paperwork.

Special Pilates interest: I have ‘flat feet’ and am prone to kneecap subluxation, as a result I am looking forward exploring the benefits Pilates can provide in strengthening and training the muscles.

Other interests: Arts therapy within health and recovery, theatre, travelling, music, cooking (and eating!)

Date joined Pilates Place: February 2017

Ellie Higgs
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

About me:
I'm in charge of communicating with our members by email, as well as looking after the website, online booking system, social media, and work with Peta on our marketing campaigns.

Special Pilates interest: I slipped a disc in my lower back which is now stable with the help of regular Pilates sessions.

Other interests: Vegan food, body image, art, philosophy.

Date joined Pilates Place: March 2014

Julieann Parker
Studio and Matwork Pilates Teacher

STOTT trained instructor in Matwork, Reformer, Chair, and Barrel, Matwork with weights, Armchair Pilates, CORE Pilates, Pre and Post Natal, and Older Adult.

Special Pilates interest: I initially took up Pilates because of injuries and chronic pain that had been going on for years. I used to love the weights in the gym but don’t feel the need to go as much now I do Pilates.

Other interests: Swimming, riding motorbikes, baking, property renovation, ballet, theatre, and spending time with the family.

Date joined Pilates Place: July 2015

Jenny Parker
Matwork Pilates Teacher

Pilates Matwork Level 3, Small Apparatus: Bands, Balls, Rollers, Rings, Seated and Standing Pilates.

Special Pilates Interest: Working with older people to improve mobility, flexibility, strength and balance. Also, how Pilates holistically improves general health and well being.

Other interests: Yoga, walking, relaxation techniques, travel.

Date joined Pilates Place: February 2015

Nikky Smedley
Studio and Matwork Pilates Teacher

Pilates Matwork Level 3, Improving Essentials in Pilates, Gait and Basics and Posture, Spinal Flow, Understanding Health Improvement, Child Protection CRB, Emergency First Aid

Small Apparatus: Bands, Balls, Rollers, Rings Level 1 & 2, Arc Barrel and Stability Ball, Progressing Function

Special Pilates interest: The importance of feet and ankles and their impact on overall posture and correct completion of exercises.

Other interests: Working with and exploring how breath facilitates movement, Yoga and working to improve balance.

Date joined Pilates Place: January 2012

Beverley Smith
Matwork Pilates Teacher

Mat-based Pilates, Mat Pilates Improver, Gym Instructor, Torso Training and Core Stability, Nutrition and Weight Management, Nutrition for Sport and Exercise, Client Psychology and Motivation, FABS (Move It or Lose It) – training principles, planning and delivery of exercise for older adults.

Special Pilates interest: Active aging, working with the over 50s, functional fitness and fall prevention.

Other interests: The importance of food and nutrition for good health, gardening, walking.

Date joined Pilates Place: September 2017

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